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The Kingfisher Trail is a fantastic arts trail of 21 wonderful kingfisher sculptures which have been decorated by some of our most talented local artists for public display in and around the Cotswolds National Landscape in 2021. Residents and visitors are invited to follow the trail in the summer of 2021, get out into nature and enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of the Cotswolds region. The Kingfisher Trail is designed to bring businesses, arts and local communities together and at the end of the project all of these wonderful sculptures will be auctioned to art lovers and businesses to raise funds for the vital conservation work (for projects that support children and young people in the Cotswolds National Landscape.) of the Cotswolds National Landscape.

  • This will be a fantastic event to promote the Cotswolds National Landscape and its partners in 2021. 

  • Public arts projects generate an incredible amount of headline grabbing publicity. 

  • Previous partners have benefited from millions of social media impressions, valued in significant equivalent media spend. 

  • The trail publicity will begin autumn/winter 2020, with the official trail launch in spring 2021 and running throughout spring/summer 2021.





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January 2021

Official website and social media go live
Selected Artists Confirmed

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February - April 2021

Artists receive their Kingfisher sculptures and decorate them
Official Trail App created

Asset 4@4x.png

May - September 2021

Trail remains live and is promoted to visitors nationwide in all media and online

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September 2021

Official commemorative auction catalogue is distributed to sponsors, partners and buyers

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October 2021

Kingfishers are auctioned to raise funds for the Cotswolds National Landscape projects

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October - November 2021

Kingfishers are delivered to their new owners around the country & the world